Thursday, May 14, 2009

(Un) Stability Ball

I recently made a purchase. Not a large one. To the contrary, really cheap.

But I'm convinced that it's going to kill me.

Surely those of you dedicated enough to spend time in your local gym have the latest and greatest workout accessory, the "stability ball". I don't remember my first encounter with this piece of equipment (probably because it was so traumatic I buried it deep within the gray matter of my brain). And I don't know why on earth the inventor named it a "stability ball" when it's anything but! And I'm certain I had a lapse of sanity when I voluntarily purchased my own for use at home.

Let's just say I'm glad the dog can't talk (laugh) or operate the video camera.

I've heard it said that "the road to hell is paved with good intentions". My intentions WERE good when I bought this thing but I think I can clearly smell the burning tar as it's being prepared to be laid...leading straight to hell...

I'm trying to remain optimistic and tell myself I'll get better at this the more I use it, that is if I don't accidentally stab the wobbly orb with my butcher knife first. But just in case, here are some other uses I've come up with:

1) A ball with which to play fetch for, oh I don't know, a St. Bernard, Newfoundland, tiger with a double-jointed jaw...
2) A bouy in Lake Jordan
3) A second chair in my family room (they're actually very comfortable to just sit on)
4) Strap it to a man and have him wear it for nine months so he grasps the idea of pregnancy
5) A soccer ball for members of the NBA

Good thing it wasn't a large investment.


Brandi said...

LOL, I'm glad I'll have a camera with me this weekend...I might be snapping up a pic of this..:)

Marianne said...

You and I are definitely on the same wavelength! I have been thinking (just this week!) of getting a stability ball to use in my office instead of the chair! So will I fall off and make an a$$ out of myself?

Did you get your camera back?

Don't forget, I won't be at this months meeting. We're headed to our beach house and then to Beaufort and Savannah for a quick trip. Yay for running on the beach!