Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Long Weekend


It's me!

I went home this weekend to Virginia. It was time for Jess' mani-pedi and a much needed visit from his Mama! Yes, this is the other man in my life. I had a wonderful day at the barn - of course, any day at the barn is wonderful in my opinion. In case you're not familiar with this part of my life, in a nutshell, here it is: I've had Jess for almost 20 years. For my daughter's 6th birthday (may have been 7 - can't remember), we purchased a series of horseback riding lessons. I loved it more than she I think because it brought back MANY memories for me. I rode a lot as a kid. After that, I was hooked. Enter, "Jesse James" (this is his "barn name"; he's a registered Appy (I know, no spots, but it's true) as "High Hat Blue". I financed him. Did you know you could finance a horse? Just like a car, he had to be fully insured. We've had him ever since and let's just say I'm glad he can't talk because boy, have I shared some thoughts and feelings with this guy on those quiet, "just us" rides...

When I moved to NC, I made the heart wrenching decision to leave Jess behind. I did so purely out of love and concern for him. I was worried that his age would work against him during the long, 5 hour drive and the separation from his friends and familiar surroundings (horses are very "family" oriented and creatures of habit). It's worked out fine, however. I know he's well cared for and loved during my absence and I have no worries at all. And it is such a treat when we do see each other (about every month).

I snapped a few photogs after we were finished for the day. I know you'll find him as handsome as I do...

Heading out the back, jack!

His sexy, over the shoulder pose... I think he looks great all shedded out - nice, shiny coat!

Buckets of apples from his Mema after being a good boy while getting his nails trimmed.

I think you can see their soul through their eyes...

A little gray here and there but so am I...and he doesn't care.

After the barn, mom and I stopped in at the Lee Highway Nursery. We were met by this lovely couple. I think I heard them say "tally ho".

If I had to name these little lovebirds, I'd call them Brandi and JC.

Some beautiful shots of the nursery and all it had to offer...

We wrapped up the day with a visit to my grandparents in Rockville, MD. I'm sure they enjoyed it as much as I did.

All in all, a wonderful weekend. And I made the smart decision to drive back to NC on Sunday afternoon, beating all the holiday traffic home and still having Monday to do with as I saw fit.

I hope each of you had a wonderful weekend and took a moment to remember the reason for the holiday.


Brandi said...

Great pics!! Love them all! :) And Jess was looking mighty handsome...I see you trimmed his mane and pulled a comb through his hair..:)
I need the next "date!" :)

Marianne said...

Hi Joyce! Your other man is so beautiful. I don't know much about horses at all, but I love his shiny coat!

You took some great pics too. I see you took control of the digital camera again.

Thanks for the info on the Forerunner. That's the one I got my eye on!