Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A 25-Hour Day

I've shared with you my feelings about the community I live in. Its quirkiness, its "characters", its beauty, its sense of "let's all work together for the common good", its devotion to God.

This past weekend was simply another affirmation of all those great qualities. Between Friday May 15 and Sunday May 17, there were 4 Relay for Life events going on here in Central NC.

Again this year, my family and I, aka team "Keck Butt" participated in the Pittsboro Relay for Life. This year celebrated the 25th "anniversary" of the relay events and, as such, our event lasted for 25 hours. I thought I'd share with you some of our day...

This is the survivor walk. It kicks things off.

Purple ribbons are the symbol of Relay for Life. You'll see them everywhere. We tied a couple to our tent (thank you Christa!).

This was part of my display; pretty yard flowers...

Our pricing menu.

A sweet little cuppy cake for sale - YUMMO!

A little vignette of framed menus and cakes.

Our display table.

A tower of treats.

My involvement in this annual event is just another reason I'm so glad and appreciative to be living in this caring, giving community. Pittsboro probably won't make the News & Observer and the results certainly won't make the Washington Post or the New York Times. But the efforts of this little town and the people in it will be rewarded in the end, of that I'm certain. In the meantime, we'll carry on and continue to "fight like a girl" and work toward a cure for that ugly "C" word - cancer.

It's my prayer that God blesses each committee member, team captain, team member, caregiver, survivor and the families of those who've lost their battle. Together we find comfort, forgiveness and determination.

I love this place I call home.

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Karen said...

Well said! (and YOU are part of the reason the town is so great!)

I enjoyed the meeting last night - already ordered my next book from ebay, although it probably won't be here in time for me to take it on my trip.

I'll be online some during the sail - so see ya out there! K