Thursday, May 7, 2009

Uh...Make That A Week

...with no camera... I think I've experienced a little withdrawal over this! Similar to leaving the house for a run and realizing way too late I've forgotten my Ipod. For me, this equates to panic.

Got the call last night that my husband will be staying in KY until Sunday (so, technically, I will have been without my digital for a total of 9 days - not that I'm keeping track). These are my selfish thoughts I'm sharing with you and simply trying to make light of the serious situation we're facing.

Mike's extended his stay because his father was hospitalized Monday afternoon. Unfortunately, his hospital stays are becoming more frequent and longer with each visit. My father-in-law is suffering from the early stages of COPD. He was also recently diagnosed with diabetes. Obviously our concerns are great and it's difficult being so far away. But we're grateful that Mike's been able to stay this long and will be there through the weekend. We're hopeful Bill will be able to go home tomorrow and Mike can help him get settled in and comfortable in his own "lazy boy" chair.

It's been a reaffirmation of just how important diet and exercise is to our overall much as we HATE to diet and exercise!

Please keep the Mineers in your prayers...


Brandi said...

Tell Michael we're thinking of him!! :( And tell Bill to get his butt in gear and get healthy!!! This is not an option! We love you guys! Keep us updated on his condition..

Karen said...

Hey Joyce - I feel your pain! I loaned my camera to my son for a couple of hours recently - and he forgot to give it back....he went back to his dorm at NC State and I was without my camera for 3 days....the horror!!

A whole week? I would probably have "snuck" down to Walmart and purchased a cheap-o camera just to tide me over.....

Wish your father-in-law the best - see you in a few weeks. Karen