Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm Running With The Bulls

No, not in Pamplona sillies! Right here in Durham, NC!!

Yep, heading north at o'dark thirty tomorrow morning to be part of the pack of fools - I mean runners - taking to the streets of downtown Durham for an enjoyable 8k run.

I'm excited. I've never participated in this event before. They're expecting about 300 runners and the weather is looking LOVELY -with less humidity! Yeah! Actually, it was the logo above that really jarred my interest in this event. I'm hoping that's what's on the tech shirt each of us receives. Really? What's that say about me? Like my husband says, "you're such a sucker for the packaging"! What can I say? He should be happy - I thought he was packaged well enough to marry!

Hope to have some pictures to share later. A little difficult since I'm flying solo on this one...

1 comment:

Marianne said...

It's all about the shirts! A tech shirt makes it even more special!
I hope you enjoy the run, weather and the camaraderie!