Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It pays to clean

Once I turn the calendar to April the cats scatter, the dog retreats to her bed upstairs and my husband finds anywhere to be besides home. April means deep cleaning for me. It means pulling out the stove and the refrigerator. It means clearing everything off the kitchen counters, scrubbing them down and putting everything back, in a different place of course. It means emptying drawers and cabinets to see what can stay and what needs to go. Of course, being out of work allows PLENTY of time for this gala! Yesterday marked the first day of this cleaning frenzy.

Every since living on my own I've always had a "thing" for using placemats. It may have started when I purchased my first "big girl" dining room table and chairs (which I still have). I was so proud and wanted to keep that table "perfect" for as long as I could. So, placemats were down or you didn't eat. After Bran, as a little toddler, accidentally spilled a bottle of nail polish remover on my table I wasn't wound as tight over this table anymore. But I kept my love for placemats. Today, I'm still always on the lookout for these little individual "table cloths" and I have a nice collection as a result. And lately, I'm like an addict on meth over cotton napkins! OH-MY- GOSH~~~~ I CANNOT get enough of the cotton napkins! And, preferably, I want my placemats and napkins to match or at least correspond! I share this little history lesson about my obsession with you because it does relate to my KP event yesterday. I was cleaning out the drawer that holds the placemats currently in use - I was packing up the "winter" mats and replacing them with pretty "spring" ones. In the far back of the drawer I found a package with a sticker saying "valance". What a surprise...

Look at this sweet little valance. Isn't it PERFECT for spring time? And I couldn't believe the amount of light it let through compared to the heavy ticking fabric valance I had up there before. I have no idea where this little beauty came from or how long I've had it. But I sure am glad I discovered it!

I don't know what the little flower is but I think it's oh so sweet and the little curtain frames the little window perfectly! Ahh...spring

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