Monday, April 14, 2008

Have I told you lately that I love you?

North Carolina, that is...home

Oh my goodness...the trip from hell. I had to fly to Newark, NJ Friday for a job interview. Going from Raleigh to Newark is an easy hop, skip and jump - a mere hour and a few mintues each way. I left super early so as to arrive in plenty of time for my interview and scheduled my return flight home MANY hours after my interview time because Newark if FAMOUS for stacking their flights and making the planes sit for hours on the tarmac waiting for a clear runway.

Everything went seamlessly...until I got to the airport, checked the monitor and learned that my 5:25 flight home was CANCELLED! My heart sank. I've never experienced a canceled flight before and wasn't sure what to do. Oh, and did I mention I was flying American Airlines! Yeah, I see you shaking your head at me in that "you should've known better, Joyce" gesture! The story is too long to tell here - you'd be reading for hours. The short version took planes, trains and automobiles for me to get home - SATURDAY evening!! I did say this was supposed to be a day trip, right? Meaning no change of clothes...I did, however, have my toothbrush because I planned on brushing my teeth right before the interview (never interview with coffee breath). And that's the truth - I took the Acel speedy train from Newark to Washington, DC. Took the Metro from DC into Springfield, VA where my parents picked me up. I stayed the night with my folks (thank God for them) and then pleaded with American Airlines Saturday morning to fly me from DC back to Raleigh. If I never go to New Jersey again it'll be too soon.

I think it's official...I think I can now say I'm from the south...and boy oh boy, do I LOVE North Carolina!!!

There's no place like home (click, click)!

"One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning." - James Russell Lowell

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Cathy said...

Oh my Joyce! I had heard the news of all the flight cancellations and you had told me you were flying AA, but...duh, I never connected the dots! I am sure your is one of literally thousands of wild stories, just thank goodness you had your "thinking outside the box" cap on tight and got to your folks!!! Can't wait to hear ...."the rest of the story". Cathy