Thursday, April 17, 2008

Two Chairs, at least...

I am a worrier. I am a closet worrier - I stress internally and quietly and rarely share my concerns with friends and family (much to the chagrin of my hair...turning grey and getting very thin). As many of you know, I've been out of work since February 1. I was certain that within 45 days everything would be "back to normal". It's not... And it's not for lack of effort, there's been plenty of that and there have even been numerous interviews and healthy, positive meetings. But for one reason or another I have not engaged in the perfect fit - yet. My faith and my patience have been, and continue to be, put to the test.

This message does relate to my picture posting this morning. And in the event you can't enlarge the photo and read the caption, it says , "The finest furnishings for a country house aspire to welcome, not impress. Let there be art to nourish the soul: paintings, poetry and music. Let there be flowers to remind us of our connection with nature: daffodils in the spring, roses in June. And let there be two chairs, at least: one for you, one for me."

I know that we will be alright and that the right employment opportunity will come to me according to God's will and plan...but I can't help but worry. However, whenever I encounter a particularly difficult time in my life, I refer to this message because it is my plan, no matter how dire my life may one day end up (and we NEVER know what the future holds), I will ALWAYS have two chairs, at least, one for you, one for me...

(*note - scanned photo from Country Living magazine, date unknown, photography by Caroline Arber).

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