Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Isn't She Lovely"...

Look at these girls... That's my little Bran on the left and that's Christa on the right. Christa is my niece, my brother's daughter. Bran and Christa are about 3 years apart, Bran being the older of the two. They've been buds forever. It's a funny little relationship; Bran's like a little mother to Christa and Christa simply adores Bran (but then who doesn't, says the proud Mama!).

When we were back home a couple of weeks ago we did a little shopping - and horsing around - in "Horse Country" (http://www.horsecountrylife.com/). This is a LOVELY (terribly overpriced) specialty shop in the heart of horse country, Warrenton, Virginia. We go in every now and then to drool over the lovelies and visit with the shop hounds. We stopped in this time in order to get Jess a few treats; a new brush and a new halter - isn't he handsome?

They say God has a great sense of humor. I'd have to agree because I really think I was supposed to be born with a silver spoon in my mouth, a spread for hunters/jumpers in the heart of horse country, a mint julip in my hand, an annual box seat at the Kentucky derby and a closet full of hats that would make the queen green with envy... oh well, Bear Creek, NC will simply have to do.

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