Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shamrock Race Day March 16, 2008

First, a great big thank you to those of you who've sent congratulations to Mike and me via email. Please know how much we appreciate the " 'atta boys" from those we love!

I had a few more pics I wanted to share with you. This first one is of Mike and me in the finishers tent on the beach. Yuengling was the major sponsor of this event and put together an extremely nice venue for us. The tent was a GREAT place to go in and warm up - WOW, was it cold and WINDY that day! (Mike forgot his Under Armor Cold Gear beannie and gloves...at the last minute, he accepted Brandi's offer to wear hers - a $1.00 special at Target! Ha! For those of you who don't know my sweet Bran, she's itty-bitty; just over 5 feet tall with little feet and tiny hands! I'm sure I'll need to replace Bran's gloves - there's no way they'll fit her now!).
And here's Michael after crossing the finish line and doning his winners medal! Is that a look of disbelief on his face or what?! That and the sweat was frozen on his face so he couldn't really move! Ha, I just noticed...that's "thug JC" standing behind Mike (blue cap and sweatshirt)! Not really... well, yes that's really JC, our son-in-law, but he's not a thug...he just looks like one at marathon races!

I am so proud of Michael. He's battled anemia (low hemoglobin/serverely low iron in his blood)throughout this whole training time yet he rose to the occassion. Also, Mike's not a little guy. As real runners like to say "he's a big block"! Regardless, he met his goal and helped push me to meet mine (and heaven knows I'm not built to run either!!!!).

Lastly, please bear with me while I bathe in this accomplishment for a bit longer. As other pictures come in it is my intent to post them here again and maybe again... We're simply in awe of this experience.

*I placed #4,101 overall; I was #255 out of 342 women in my age division (40-44 years old); and I was #2,101 out of 2,933 women total - hey, I wasn't last people!!!

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