Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blessed Easter

Easter has always been one of my favorite days of celebration. Years ago, like every other kid, I looked forward to waking up and discovering my Easter basket on the dining room table filled with every candy a kid needed to wind them up tight! And there was always a special goody in there, too. A little present. A little "somthin' somethin' ". And, of course, there were the eggs. The eggs that my brother and I blew our brains out making. I am completely dating myself here but do you all remember doing that? My mom would bring us a dozen or so eggs, prick a tiny pin hole in each end and tell us to blow hard. Like good little children, my brother and I would blow so hard we looked like blow fish, like that famous jazz trumpet play whos name escapes me right now, like we would explode at any minute! Eventually, however, we would empty the eggs of their yolk and whites and be left with a very delicate shell to decorate. I'm not sure why my mom didn't simply hard boil the eggs like every other mom. As an adult looking back on this event, I simply think my mom was completely entertained by watching my brother and me blow so hard we turned beet red. Heck, I'd laugh at that, too!

But now, while I still put together an Easter basket for my husband and me - and my adult daughter - I have a full understanding and appreciation for the true meaning of Easter. And as much happiness as the basket and the candy and the treats and the flowers and the food brings me, nothing warms my heart more than knowing Christ rose on the third day for me so that I would have ever lasting life in eternity with Him. This fact simply makes the day perfect for me.

I hope each of you had a beautiful Easter day. It was breathtaking here Sunday in North Carolina; a little chilly in the morning but just right by the afternoon. Mike had to work on Sunday but we squeezed in two hours together before he had to leave. I made us a nice brunch with all the fixings.

Mike is such a good sport about amusing me! He doesn't mind eating from the antique plates or using the knife rest or even wiping his mouth on cotton napkins. I think he'd participate in a tea party for two if I asked him! Of course, we'd have to have the TV on in the background (for Easter Sunday is was basketball - March madness you know!). The television sort of burst my Easter brunch bubble but I didn't complain. I thought I needed to compromise with him. That's what it's all about, right?
Since it was just the two of us, we just ate at the bar in our kitchen (which we do every day). We do have a dining room but it hasn't been "done" yet. Oh, there's furniture in there but the room hasn't been painted and the floor and ceiling haven't gotten the polyurathane yet. I think that'll be the next project since we've just finished up the last bedroom (only accessories need to be added now). I guess I need to be thinking about a color scheme for the dining room now. Something bright and beautiful. The dining room gets lovely morning sun. Maybe a super soft dove gray or a robin's egg blue with lots and lots of bright white trim and curtains? We'll see.

A few of my Easter pics to share with you. This is a little display I put together with sweet little robin's eggs, grass (weeds) from my yard, a pretty crystal candle holder sitting in the top of the jar and a pretty, soft blue candle. Mom sent me the sweet little pink bunny candy dish.
This is a little boquet of flowers I put together. Everything came from the yard except for the 4 Gerbera daisies and, well, the green sparkled egg. Isn't it awesome when you can simply walk out your door, grab a little of this and a little of that and put together something so simple yet so pretty? We're still enjoying this litte piece of sunshine right here in the house.

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