Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Room With A View

I couldn't help it... I simply wanted to share with you one of the beautiful views I have while sitting at my computer. This is my "girlie shed", what I see out the side window, to the left of my desk. Of course I have a story or two about this outbuilding - which you all know involves my dad. But the best and funniest story about this building is that this is where I would go - after we first moved here and LONG before the shed looked like this - to cry my eyes out after my dad would pull out of the driveway after spending days and days with me on yet another project! After a concerning amount of time had past, my husband would come looking for me, find me crouched in the shed sobbing and simply turn, close the door and walk back to the house...leaving me to my pity party where there is only ever room for one! Looking back on this cracks me up! Eventually, Michael stopped coming to the shed because he knew I simply needed this time. And yes, eventually I stopped NEEDING to go to the shed after my dad left... I'm proud to say that now I can wave goodbye and go back into the house with a feeling of love and complete satisfaction with what we'd accomplished and the wonderful feeling that Daddy will be back in a few weeks to finish or start something else. **ahh** buddy Deb always said we'd have sweet tea on that little deck...we never got to do that together...I'll drink sweet tea with Deb when I meet her in heaven...I miss my friend today...

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