Monday, March 24, 2008

More Race Pictures

I can't say for sure but this may be the last of the race pics I share. These are from first thing in the morning, pre-dawn, as we were all stretching and making our way to our respective corrals and bracing ourselves against the wind, cold and rain. Poor little Bran was right out there with us taking pictures, giving back pats and words of encouragement and carrying Michael's dry gear bag that weighed more than she does! As I'm sitting here chuckling at the memory of Brandi Lee that morning, I can't help but have a full heart - Bran has been, either begrudgingly or very willingly, right by my side during EVERY crazy adventure I've participated in. We were, in every sense of the word, partners. Bran, you will never know the depth of my love for cup runneth over.

Here we are just trying to stay warm, do a few last minute stretches and get our minds right. Judging by this picture, I'm a little more excited at this point than Mike is.

In this picture, however, it looks like the tables have turned. Mike's psyched and ready to go and I look like "what the heck was I thinking...this sounded like a good idea 3 months ago"!

Wow, It's been a week and I still wake up shaking my head at our accomplishment. But I'm done sharing it with you all. That's it. The memory is safely tucked away deep in my heart but I know that whenever I doubt my ability as a wife, a mother, a daughter, a woman, I can retrieve this memory and know that "I am better than I think and not yet what I expect to be".

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