Monday, January 31, 2011

"Red's" Inpatient Tonight

I'm not sure I've ever introduced you... This is Red.

Original, I know. But those of you who know me know that there are few other colors in my personal rainbow so it really makes perfect sense.

A few years ago, my mom treated me to Red (of course she did). We bonded immediately. We've been on many trips together...including to the bedroom.

Recently, Red came down with a cough of sorts. At first it was sporadic and I simply attributed it to the freezing temps and recent snowfall here in Carolina. But things progressed and the "cough" turned into an almost constant wheezing, grinding, bringing up my guts-type noise. The other evening while chatting with my mom on the phone, she said, "what on earth is that noise?" That was it. I knew it was serious.

I took Red to the office with me today and made an appointment with Dr. "Sergio" of CCH. Sergio can work miracles. After explaining the ongoing symptoms, Dr. Sergio suggested an immediate PC intervention. Not to worry. Red was out of ear shot during this conversation and safely packed in his (red) laptop carrier. A few short minutes later, and on his way back to work from lunch at Bojangles, Dr. Sergio made a house call. Yep, he stopped by CCS and carefully and lovingly picked up Red and took him to the facility where he can get the best care possible.

Based on what I've described, Dr. Sergio thinks it's a simple bearing in the fan but he won't know for sure until he gets in there. He didn't seem overly concerned and assured me, with the right amount of antibiotics, Red will be up and running again in no time. This, of course, brought me comfort and I gave a huge sigh of relief. For as much as I love my ancient and never breaks desktop, I'd look pretty funny carrying it under my arm into Open Eye Cafe.

I'm expecting a call tomorrow with the lab results.


Brandi said...

Make sure he gets top of the line antibiotics! :/

Karen said...

hey joyce!! i've been away too long!! i hadn't read the book club story, the hubby's b-day story and the story of "red"....i promise to do better!!

enjoyed (really, really, did i enjoy that?) zumba tonight!

take care, special lady!