Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh No She Didn't!!!!!!

Some things are just OFF LIMITS!

Don't touch the food on my plate. I'm sorry if you forgot your toothbrush, but please don't ask to "borrow" mine. Um, it's MY kitchen thank you very much. And if I ask you to hand me my wallet, what I really mean is hand me my ENTIRE purse - no need for you to go rifling thru it! But, most importantly, don't ever, ever walk on my yoga mat. EVER.

When class was over and everyone was putting away their "tools" and picking up their things making ready to exit last night, some newbie carelessly and obliviously WALKED ACROSS MY PERSONAL YOGA MAT!! I stood there with my mouth gaping open and my hands on my hips - typical, I know. My immediate reaction was to bitch-slap this little heathen. I thought better of that. I thought, wow-I've something to blog about! Ha!

Seriously, some things are just sacred and my yoga mat is one of them. Hell, I'm not crazy about the fact that my own sweaty body and dirty feet are on the sucker. I surely don't want the germ soaked soles of some stranger's feet touching it!

Get a clue, chicka. And learn some Bikram Yoga manners!

Namaste. I feel much better now.


Brandi said...

OH NO SHE DIDN'T!!!!!!! Betta recognize sistah!! Put that chick in her place!

cindy said...

LOL. Why would someone do such a thing? People never stop amazing the crap outta me...I swear. LOL.