Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"Yes, Virginia, There Really IS a "Sarah Boo-Boo" "

... "but really her name is Joyce Mineer and she lives in Bear Creek, North Carolina".
When I was a kid and would act up, on occassion, my mother would look me square in the face and say, "Joyce Lynn, you're acting like Sarah Boo-Boo now straighten up!" Looking back, I think I sometimes misbehaved simply to hear my mom say "Sarah Boo-Boo" because it made me giggle!!!
I finally learned what that phrase meant when I became a mother myself and my daughter would throw the occassional tantrum, aka "acting like Sarah Boo-Boo".
But today that endearing term came directly to the forefront of my little brain. For today, as a grown, married woman, I'm ashamed to say that I pulled a "Sarah Boo-Boo". HOWEVER, in my own defense, I think I had the right because I relunctly agreed to a cortisone injection in the shoulder. YIKES!!!
My daughter can attest to this statement with complete certainty and no reservation: I do not handle medial issues for myself AT ALL. Have a medical professional tell me they have to draw blood and see what happens. Have the dentist mention needing a filling or, better yet, a tooth pulled and see what happens. Have a loved one enter the hospital for ANY reason, ask me to visit and see what happens. Start describing a medical procedure to me that you or someone you know had and see what happens. But tell me the best course of action at this point is a cortisone SHOT in the shoulder...it's all over...it's the ultimate...it's "Sarah Boo-Boo" in her rarest form right there in the examing room...with witnesses...and no family member to buffer me or explain my uncontrolable medical fears (stinnkin' husband at work...crazy daughter living a wonderful married life with her devoted husband...parents enjoying retirement...ugh!!! Thanks a lot team!!!). I lost it. I came undone. Fortunately, the folks at Triangle Orthopedic were comforting (I think they were simply amusing me - or amused AT me) and took their time with me. They even suggested I "get myself together and think it over for a few minutes". I thought to myself, if you leave me in this room alone, I'm dressed - maybe - and making a bee line for the front door immediately if not sooner. "No, no" I said. "If we're doing this, let's just get it over with. Elizabeth (she's the nurse), you just stay here and talk to me, okay?".
Oh my goodness! Of all the carryings ON people!!!!
...I'm still waiting to feel the needle...


Brandi said...

Sarah Boo-Boo, hahahahaha! :)

Joy Zaczyk said...

You need cinnamon buns to ease the pain! Recipe now posted! :)