Friday, September 26, 2008

What Were The Chances??!!

Yesterday, I played 1/2 day hookey from work so that I could spend the morning and afternoon with my buds, Cathy & Linda. I've shared with you before how we try to get together about once a month to simply catch up and enjoy each other's company. We met early, about 9:00 AM, had a cup of coffee/tea and something sweet. Then we headed over to Fuquay-Varina, a small "duo" town with quaint, independent shops and restaurants. We chose FV because Cathy has a booth at the Brew 'n Browse and we wanted to check out her new little shop (okay, I'm an idgit - had the camera in the car the entire time and didn't snap one photo of the entire day's events!!).

We strolled into the wind, literally, as we were facing the Nor' Easter setting it's sights on Carolina! "Rain, sleet, snow and Nor' Easters simply can't keep women from their goal - shopping"!

We blew ourselves into a great antique shop. It was full of furniture, pottery, clocks, knick-knacks, primitives, estate jewelry and CHINA!! We started digging...

And look what we found (above)! A sweet little Homer Laughlin platter. Now, there was another one exactly like it in perfect condition for $15.00. But this little wounded veteran spoke to me, especially with a price tag of $2.00 and a date stamp of 1937, my oldest HL piece to date. I brought him home and carefully washed him cleaned and set him aside until I decided where he'd take up residence here in the house.

I came downstairs this morning and thought I'd place him in the wall cabinet in the dining room next to the bowl Michael's Aunt Wilma gave me this past July (here she is pictured above). Notice anything?

THEY MATCH!!!! It's the same pattern!!! I think Cathy called it "fluffy rose". It doesn't take much to make me happy or make my day - and this little happenstance just made an already good Friday GREAT!!!

How 'bout that, Aunt Wilma!

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Cathy said...

Fluffy Virginia Rose to be exact! Wow, how neat is that? They are a sweet pair, for sure.