Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankful (Anniversary) Thursday

Another year - together. Isn't that so much to be thankful for?

Today is Bran's and JC's 7th wedding anniversary. Isn't there some quirky sentiment/omen/hoop-la about a 7 year itch? If so, the kids have made it and are working on surpassing it and looking ahead to a bright future together.

A dear, old friend of mine once told me "Joyce, there's a lid for every pot". Isn't that priceless? JC is Brandi's lid...and they're a perfect fit.

God knows Brandi Lee is my truest joy, my solace and what I am most thankful for in this life of mine. But I'm also thankful for the love JC gives Bran unconditionally; for treasuring her and respecting her as his wife and partner. I'm thankful for the morals and values Jon and Margie (JC's parents) instilled in JC. I'm thankful for the love they have for - and show - my daughter.

I'm simply thankful for their happiness - together.

Happy Anniversary little people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My cup runneth over...

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Brandi said...

The little people say thanks! :) We had a great anniversary - well, except for the torrential downpour.... :)