Tuesday, September 30, 2008

McDonald's McCafe

Have you McTried these yet? I know, I know... you're thinking "it's McDonald's...how good could it be?"
Well, actually, pretty McGood! And if you've always McWanted to try a cappuccino but didn't want to spend the $5.00 it would cost you at Starbucks, here's your McOpportunity!
They offer both iced and frothy, hot McCafes; lattes and cappuccinos to be exact.
Now, if you're simply McHooked on the Starbucks stigma, you won't be interested in what the golden arches has to offer. But if you really are drinking the fancy McBeverage because you honestly do like it, do yourself a McFavor and give this a try. You may be willing to switch your brand of McPoison AND save $2.50 a pop!

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