Monday, July 11, 2011

Some Damn Good Advice

My father is a man of VERY few words. He's more of a lead-by-example kinda guy. But it's up to you to take heed and pay attention because he's surely not going to say, "Hey, pay attention here. You're gonna need to know how to do this one day".

So imagine my surprise when he approached me while my husband and I were packing in preparation for our move to NC. "Missy" (Yes, that's right. He called/calls me Missy. Yes, my Dad knows my birth name. He gave it to me. But for my entire life, he's called me Missy). "Missy, promise me this when you leave here. Promise me you will never put a second mortgage on the house - for ANY reason. And find a good mechanic". Funny little pieces of advice, huh? But that's what was on his mind at the time. And that's what he thought I needed to hear and to know before I left him...again. I've heeded this advice. I think he'd be proud.

So over the years, I've learned to watch closely at what my Dad is doing. Doing with his hands, with his tools, with whatever gadget he comes in contact with. Think McGyver and you've got Papa! If I were stranded on an island, my Dad would be one of the three things I would want to have with me. And trust me when I tell you this. If my Dad had've been on the Titanic and he could've found a roll of duct tape in the tool box in the belly of the ship, Leonardo would not have made the millions he did and Kate would've had to settle for Captain Jack Sparrow.

When I went to the lean-to yesterday afternoon to get out the rider to mow the yard, I was met as an unwanted, unwelcome guest by a nest of wasps. After the shock of the threat of attack wore off, I went back in my memory bank of Papa-isms. Hmm...what is it that I've seen Daddy do when met with an angry mob of bees? Hmm...what is it...


I told you - McGyver! Don't ask me why but there is always Brakleen in my shed. Probably because my Dad uses it for everything from, well, cleaning breaks to killing wasps. So I grabbed said product, tested the spray's distance factor and headed back to the combat zone.

One, long, steady stream later, I coated the determined little insects in the acid and saturated they're dream home, too.

My yard looks awesome.

And I'm taking reservations for anyone who wants to join my Dad and me on a deserted island if we ever get stranded on one.


Karen said...

Duane and I will sail over to that deserted island, relax a while, and we'll all sail away...sometime....

Joyce Mineer said... THAT I'm really looking forward to...

Anonymous said...

I want to join u ! and Daddy , aka Speed. Please and thank u :)