Friday, February 18, 2011

Virtual Running Partner

I run alone. I go to the gym alone. I attend my Pilates, Yoga and Zumba classes - you guessed it - ALONE. But I'm okay with it this way. While it's not entirely by choice, I think I'd still go solo even if I had the option of participating in all these events with a buddy. Definitely the running.

I would feel compelled to start/have a conversation and quite frankly, I'm not conditioned enough to do that comfortably. Also, I enjoy this time alone. It affords me time to pay close attention to my surroundings, to nature watch, to plan, to push forward on my own thru that wall I've think of things to write about on my blog :)

So I was surprised at how I welcomed this virtual running buddy (of sorts)...when I finally noticed her just a few paces ahead of me. I made a game of it. I pretended she was the reason I'd come in second if I couldn't pass her. I "chased" her. I tried to keep pace with her. And I stayed right with her for the first half of my run. But when I made a u-turn at mile 5 to make my way back to my starting point, Virtual Buddy was gone! What the...???

Well how 'bout that! Now I held pole position and Virtual Buddy was in position number 2! And when it was all said and done, I beat that winch!

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