Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bailey's Day Out

I realized that, although she has lived here for 4 months now, BK had not "been to town". So we packed the leash, a bottle of water, potty bags (what, TMI?) and the camera and off to Pittsboro we went.

A walking tour from Bailey's perspective...

Rosemary & Thyme Bed & Breakfast
(The Inn keeper was kind enough to give BK a tour. She wanted to get some remodel ideas for our front room. I appreciated the gesture.)

Pittsboro Methodist Church
(Under consideration given the countless potluck dinners they sponsor.)

Pittboro Episcopal
(At the bottom of the list; a little staunch.)

Pittsboro Baptist Church
(At the top of her list. She liked the casualness here.)

The General Store Cafe
(This landmark impressed her. Probably because they had free for all doggie water bowls out front.)

Pittsboro Episcopal Church Cemetery
(I told her she didn't have worry about this. All necessary arrangements were already in place.)

Chatham County Courthouse Circa February 2011
(I wiped a tear from her eye when I told her the story of how our beloved, on the historic registry courthouse burned to a shell.)

Original Homestead
(She put this one on her list of possibilities. She thinks she can sell her current kennel for a profit and move up a few hundred square feet.)
Suntrust Bank
(This is where she wanted to open a savings account in anticipation of said profit mentioned above.)

Straight Up Realty
(We went into this establishment to discuss the possible sale of her current kennel and purchase of the above "dream home".)

Bailey K
(She was over come with excitement when we came upon this...)

Angelina's Kitchen
(She was totally bumbed when she learned Angelina only offered Gyro's and Baklava and not Busy Bonz and Pupparoni Sticks.)
For a new perspective on your town, take your dog for a walk.