Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not Much To Work With

I had to have my boobies squished this morning. I know - it's Saturday! But this place is open every other Saturday of the month! How cool and helpful is that? They make it easy for you to flatten your breasts to the size of flour tortillas! (I went to the satellite location in Chapel Hill, the closest to me).

And because I had to have this done - and I was in the hood - I went here:

Where I treated myself to these!!!!!!!

Honestly, truthfully and legally, we can no longer promote this alcoholic treat as "Two Buck Chuck", as it was originally and affectionately called, because it now retails for $2.99 per bottle.
But despite the price increase, it's still a heck of a bargain! And regardless of what the rules are, it'll always be "Two Buck Chuck" to us loyalists. Oh, and lest I forget, Mom, if you're reading this, I'd like to add a variety case of this kicked up grape juice to my Valentine's Day gift list. Hey, you asked!!!

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