Monday, April 27, 2009

Ten Miles & Technical Difficulties

I hope it's not just me but you, too, share my feelings. I'm partial to MY computer. We have a connection - literally and figuratively. We are in sync with one another. We understand each other. We've bonded. My husband's computer is newer, faster and has a much larger monitor than mine. It has a keyboard and mouse, just like mine. But it simply doesn't have the same relationship with me as my desktop (sorry Mr. Computer).

Because of age and use and, I guess they simply go "bad", our router in the house recently died. And with it went my connection to the Internet on my desktop. It was a dark day - no, MANY dark days. And between budgeting for a replacement, finding time during the work week to go to the store and buy it and then finding hours (because you know something's not going to hook up correctly) to reconnect/set it up, it took longer than expected to get back in touch with the outside world.

But here I am. And I think I actually witnessed my computer smile broadly at me when I saw my familiar message "connecting to the server"... It's as if we've kissed and made up.

And to celebrate our recent recommitment to one another (that is my PC and me), I wanted to share another accomplishment Michael and I made last weekend.

We ran the second annual Tar Heel Ten Miler!

This was my sophomore year, along with the event itself! And I'm happy to report I ran it 2 minutes faster than last year! In your face 40+ years old! Take that!

Had to show it off a little...

Of course Michael finished ahead of me by about 5 minutes. He was challenged by the course - it's a tough one full of hills. I knew what to expect, he was caught by surprise a time or two.
And, of course, here's our traditional "after race" pose.
It was the perfect day for the event. Slightly chilly early in the morning but after 30 minutes into it, we were toasty!
For you locals, please watch for this event every year (around the third Saturday in April). In addition to the 10 mile run, there is a 5K (3 miles). The event benefits our local YMCAs in hopes to get and keep our young people healthy and moving. And that, of course, will benefit us all in the long run!

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Karen said...

congrats to both of you! i love how your race numbers are in sequence!

and i know what you mean about your "special" computer. i'm lost when mine is "mis-behaving"!

i'm still waiting on my book to arrive - should be here any day now. i'm not sure i'll read it for another week or so, though. i felt like i read the last one too soon and the memory of the details had faded just a bit.

see ya! k