Sunday, January 4, 2009

Catch Up

Hello! 'Tis me :)

Seems like I'm ALWAYS catching up...catching up on the laundry, catching up on my note writing, catching up with my blog posting...AAAHHH! It's been one month since I started my new job out of the house and I'm still catching up on trying to figure out how to make that work! I always new how fortunate I was to be a telecomuter these last 3+ years but's really hit home these last 30 days. But, the holidays are over and my immediate supervisor is back from vacation (and he's a big proponent of being on the road and out of the office) so I'm sure we'll work on making a more relaxed schedule. I'm just not quite sure how to take the owners of the as a result, I stay put in my office there and try to make deals via phone and email. But, again, I'm looking forward to starting the week off fresh tomorrow and I hope you are, too.

But, speaking of catching up, I thought I'd share the last of the Christmas photos with you. It really was a treat being with my family and enjoying their company. Since Bran and I have moved from the DC area, it's been a bit of a challenge trying coordinate the holiday gatherings. And while we may not all be together on Christmas morning, we do make the effort to be together just shortly before or after and for that we're all grateful.

Let's see...on Saturday December 27 we spent the evening at my grandparents house in Rockville, MD. That's me, Bran and my dad.

And here I am with my grandmother - the famous "Ma"! I like this photog...

Oh, and here's Daddy and me again!

And this is Christa sporting her new official country concert accessory.

Christa and her Papa...

My brother, Charlie, intent on opening another gift...(he did VERY well - a new Canon digital camera that, if he's not careful, could suddenly come up missing...and they NEVER suspect the little sister...hee, hee, hee...)

And Christmas would not be Christmas - or any other day for that matter - without that little schtoogy giving us a stylin' and profilin' shot!!!

So, I think that catches me up for December '08. I suspect January '09 will be action-packed, too, especially since I start my CNA program this Tuesday! Yep, it's back to school for this middle-aged chick! When I was having such difficulty finding a job, I decided to jump on the bandwagon with Brandi and go back to school. Our community college here is awesome with some cutting edge programs that aren't offered anywhere else in the country (we're very proud). And one of their CNA programs is geared for full-time workers, which works wonderfully. I signed up and paid for the class and then was fortunate enough to be hired by the radio station. The owner has been more than cooperative with me in working out a schedule so that I didn't have to cancel the class. I don't know that I'll ever be a full-time CNA but I'm all about education and learning something new. And, if nothing else, I could do home health care at my convenience or try to get on with UNC hospital a couple weekends a month. We'll see. The program only lasts for 3 months so two late nights per week I think I can handle. And besides, once you have the knowledge, no one can ever take it away from you.

It's been great being with you all in 2008 and I'm looking forward to sharing my 2009, all the ups and downs and in-betweens, with you, too!


Brandi said...

Love the photos!! :) They're terrrrrific! LOL That's a great one of Charlie, don't you think?

Cathy said...

Happy New Year sweet friend! I will be thinking of you tonight (Tuesday night) and knowing it's your first day of school!!!
Blessings, Cathy