Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving '08

You all know the feeling. "Turkey" overload. When, despite how hard you try, you can't keep your eyes open or your head from bobbing like one of those dolls on the dashboard of a '77 Fairlane.

That's how it was here in the woods last Thursday afternoon. Not long after the dishtowel was hung up to dry, we all headed to our respective resting places for a much needed, and deserved, mid-day nap.
And it was no different for even the dog... (can we say "rotten"?)

Crunchie Munch came home from ICU last Wednesday, Thanksgiving eve. Yes, he's sporting a new do, too. That hair was just simply too much for the vet techs to handle. Plus, we can't afford for Munchie to get "backed up" with his own hair (he's an obsessive groomer)! So, he got a standard military buzz. We're pretty sure he's over the initial humiliation of it all.

As for his health, overall he seems to be doing "okay". I'm still cautiously optimistic. He continues to be on two antibiotics, which we'll be wrapping up soon. He's also on a compounding serum that helps his little system do what it's supposed to do. I suspect he'll be on that for the rest of his life. He's also eating on his own - what little he does eat. The mornings are the best for that. He actually waits with the others for his bowl to be filled. The evenings, I have to hunt him down (not sure what that's all about). And during the day he simply finds a warm, sunny spot to sleep.
I'm still concerned about his behavior because he's not like he was before. Maybe in time... He may be getting his staples out this weekend so we'll see what the docs have to say then. In the meantime, we just keep plugging along - 'cause we grow 'em tough here in the country!

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Brandi said...

Look at shaved little Munchie!!! How cute is he???