Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Maiden Voyage

Remember me mentioning my birthday gift from my parents here? Well, let me elaborate...

First, I hail from the great state of Virginia.
More importantly, Northern Virginia - not twelve miles from Washington, DC. I LOVED IT!!! I had EVERY convenience I could ever want. From our neighborhood, I could drive 1 mile east and hit Giant (the grocery store), Szechuan Star (the best Chinese restaurant EVER), Sally Beauty, Advance Auto Parts, Gold's Gym, The UPS store, Starbucks, etc., etc., etc. Or, I could drive 1 mile west and be at one of the best rec centers in Fairfax County, the Safeway (another grocery store), the post office, CVS (the drugstore), Mobile gas station, etc., etc, etc. And on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights, I could put my Waste Management-provided trash bins on my curb and, like magic, when I awoke Monday mornings and Thursday mornings my garbage was gone! I loved this, too!

Then, I agreed to move to Bear Creek, North Carolina, where the only thing within a mile of me east or west (or north or south for that matter) are more old houses, chicken barns, cows and horses. And, needless to say, there is no Waste Management coming to collect my garbage or recycles.
I would not be intimidated by this little inconvenience. After all, I had a pick up truck! Yep, that's right...big city girl driving a Ford F150...okay, so it was so I could haul my horse around in our younger years but nonetheless, I still had a truck and was prepared for this "do-it-yourself" trash delivery system. What I failed to realize was, my 1986 pick up with close to 200,000 HARD miles on it would not last forever.
Bringing us to my recent birthday present - and my Calvary (once again).
Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine my Mercury Grand Marquis would be transporting my dirties! But, you gotta' do what 'cha gotta' do to get by in the country. And like I've said before, the country will make you tough or bring you to your knees! I am prevailing (although a little embarrassed) - I am winning this country war!

And Sadie dog - well, going to the dump/recycle center is the event of the month for her! And this is one smart dog. She knew that when the truck was started, she was hitting the road! And even yesterday, as Mike hooked up the trailer, Sadie WENT OFF!!! She knew mom was going to make an exception and she'd be allowed in the "big car" and she was road bound. I figured what the heck? I'm hauling trash, might as well let the dog in the car, too! Ha!

Oh, this little life in the country. Always a story to share...

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Brandi said...

I love the looking back "action" photo! Great! :) And how did your maiden voyage go? Was it wonderful and sucessful? :)