Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our Reindeer Weekend

Ask me how much fun we had this weekend...go ahead, ask me!
Saturday the 13th was our local YMCA's Reindeer Run. This is a beautiful 5k run through the rolling streets of downtown Pittsboro, NC. And this year, I wasn't in it alone. Nope, Michael and Brandi both got to participate! We made quite the impression with our antler "ears"...

and Michael's race day pose, this one known as "Reindeer Man".

We think we may be famous. There was a man hanging around the event with a big camera around his neck taking names. We can only assume he was with the Chatham News (?).

I mean, who wouldn't want to report on two "reindeer" running through the streets of our quaint little town? Stay tuned. The paper comes out Thursday and the mystery will be solved - we'll either be featured as runners or will be looking to track this man down and turn him into the law! Later that day, Mom, Brandi and I went to the Garden Supply Center in Cary. You simply MUST visit this place at Christmas if you're ever in Central NC! BEAUTIFUL!!! Mom had us doing silly poses in front of all the different Christmas trees. This one included top hats as ornaments. We carefully borrowed two to pretend we were with the Rockettes and showed off our "jazz hands". It's okay, you can say we're dorks.

We really did have a great weekend together. It was really like an early Christmas for me having my folks and Bran with me. There's really nothing left on my list...


Cathy said...

Hey Joyce!
Your weekend sounds like such fun! I have been over to the Garden Supply twice this week! The ornaments are all 30% off now! We leave Friday for the big apple with Amy and 3 grands....look out NYC!
hugs, cathy

Brandi said...

How cute are we??? :)