Friday, November 28, 2008

Ready, Set...SHOP

We barely allow ourselves time for our Thanksgiving dinner to settle before we're up and out the door on the hunt for some gift we think a loved one cannot live without!

I have found the best way to handle the holiday shopping is this... a gift for you, a gift for for you, one for me...

My first example of the this year's equal holiday shopping, the coffee I look forward to all year long - Starbuck's Christmas Blend...ummm....YUM!

I was shopping at 'Bucks for my secret pal at church and scored big time for her! They actually had a pre-made gift box that included the Christmas Blend coffee and an assortment of 5 specialty truffles - coffee and chocolate. Next to diamonds, a girls best friends. And by the time she finishes off her treat, she won't even remember she has a husband and three children!

But as I was combing through the pretties my eye caught this BEAUTIFUL mug. Snow white with doves embossed on it with tiny red hollyberries dotted throughout. I could taste how good that Christmas Blend would be in the lovely mug - and told the barista to add it to my stash.

As I said, one for me, one for you. I am now officially ready to get underway for Christmas 2008. (...and don't tell me you're not out there picking up a little somethin', somethin' for yourselves, too!!!)

Happy Shopping Girls!!!


Chaya Bluma said...

That seems like an excellent policy. Happy shopping!

Brandi said...

I knew I got this "policy" honest!! LOL :)