Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Well, we have another patient in the recovery room (aka the downstairs bathroom) and for that I'm grateful.

I brought Munchie home from the hospital today, after a week's stay at Cole Park Veterinary Hospital and a surgery performed by a board certified veterinarian who removed all but two inches of his colon (it was worse than any of us thought). I will have no heat this winter, good thing I don't have to fill my car with gas every week and, well, I really do like baked potatoes and cereal. The important thing is that the cat's better...right?

I've got Munch all set up in the bathroom where I snapped this photog of him eating the last of his dinner. This is a mile marker people. It's been at least 10 days since he ate anything worth mentioning. Now, we make sure the surgery was a REAL success?...

He goes back a week from Saturday to have the staples removed (a huge incision along his belly - probably 10 inches, easily the length of his body). We're just hoping all stays quiet until then.

Oh what we do for our four-legged loved ones... I know my husband had to look DEEP, DEEP within himself to agree to this one (I love you honey...). But hey, we had to have the dog rebuilt 6 years ago so fair is fair.

Pray, pray, pray that I find work soon!!!

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Brandi said...

Crunchie Munchie!!! I'm so glad he's home!! How is he feeling? Give him a kiss for me!