Monday, August 18, 2008

I Am A Cat Lover

An animal lover in general, really. But cats, in particular, intrigue me. They are fascinating in every way, from the way they wash obsessively after they have a meal to how they can catch a flying insect mid-flight. They can walk among the finest, most expensive breakables and never touch a thing. They will love their tuna one day and the next look at you as if you've just offered them a petrified field mouse. Some evenings, at bed time, they trip you trying to get under the covers first and the next, you call and call and call for your feet warmer and they act as if they don't hear a thing.

As you may know, cats are revered, even worshipped in some countries. So much so that they were used as subjects in priceless paintings.

Monuments were even created out of respect for the cat.

And they were often given as gifts to royalty to show affection and love and deep regard for the hierarchy.

... and then... there's Bean.

Yep, I LOVE cats.


Anonymous said...

Joyce - thanks so much for the birthday love for Tessa! She really appreciates it! :) I also love cats...alas, my Mom is allergic and Tessa doesn't like to share! lol! But this picture of your cat is adorable!

Brandi said...

I am on the floor. Period.
And my Bean is like, what?? Don't you lay on your back with your legs spread wide open with one arm draped across your chest???