Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Every Parent's Desire

If you are a parent, you know exactly where I'm coming from today.

It occurred to me that I've never introduced you to my son-in-law. It still makes me giggle when I say that - "son-in-law"! For two reasons - 1) I'm barely inside my forties and I have a son-in-law - have had him for 7 years this September - and 2) my son-in-law is only 10 years younger than me! (Please, don't take time to do the math or ask questions. Just know I became a mom at a very early age. That, and he's considerably older than my daughter).

That's not the point or the issue here - this is...

JC adores my daughter. He literally gazes at Brandi Lee. He wants to stand close to her. He enjoys just being in her presence -not even having to say a word to her.

JC respects Brandi. He values her opinion and together they make choices that are right for them as a couple. He understands how important her family is to her and is more than supportive when she simply HAS to make her pilgrimage back to Northern Virginia to get her "family fix"! He has even sacrificed living anywhere near his own family for the sake of Brandi's happiness.

JC pushes Brandi when she needs it. Bran can get "comfortable" and, as a result, be a little reluctant to change (it's true Bran...). When JC sees opportunity for Brandi, he steps in and nudges her in the right direction. And because I know how deeply JC loves my Bran, it's easier for me to stay a step back. I don't worry so much about life decisions they make because I know JC requires Brandi's input in everyone of them. I'm not saying I agree with every thing the kids do, that's none of my business anyway. I'm just saying I trust them, together as a couple.

It took me awhile to get to this point, believe me. There's no doubt I think Brandi married awfully young and there are times I wish she and JC would've waited or "lived a little" before taking those vows. But I tell you this for free people, she couldn't have picked a better man for herself.

I have never known a greater love than the love I have for my daughter. I never even knew I was capable of feeling such love until I had her. As such, my one greatest desire has always been for Brandi to simply be happy. And JC makes Brandi happy. What more could an over-protective mom want?

I love you for who you are, JC, but I love you more for loving Bran the way you do. And I thank God for all of it...

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Brandi said...

Awwwww!!!!!!.. Sniff, sniff...
We love you. :)