Friday, April 22, 2011

Would You Vote Me Off?

This is my sister-in-law's husband, Mike Rowe. The entire Mineer family calls him "Mike Rowe". Just like they call the other brother-in-law "Mike Leet". And even though my husband is Mike Mineer, he's just called "Bub"...that's how they do it in the south...or at least in Kentucky. There's at least one "Bub" in every family. There had to be a "Bub" in this family because, well, every brother or in-law is Mike!

I digress...Where was I? Oh yeah, this is my sister-in-law's husband, Mike Rowe. He's a preacher. He is hysterical. He cracks me up. And he really says very little but when he does, you'll want to tune in. Trust me on this.

Mike Rowe is the youngest of 5 children. There is a huge span of years between him and his closest sibling. He was an accident. What? It's no secret. He brags about it, even. Says it was great because by the time he came around, his mom was exhausted and could care less if he washed behind his ears or ate his vegetables. I'm hopeful that, as an adult, Mike Rowe does wash behind his ears. But I swear to you, he's never put anything green or vegetable-like in his mouth.

One of Mike Rowe's brothers has 4 or 5 children - I lost count. And from what he tells us, this family, much like Mike Rowe's growing up, is a bit out of control. How could it not be with 4+ kids in the house? I mean, there's probably a child temporarily missing at any given time. And god help you if you were late for dinner 'cause the chances are pretty slim there are any leftovers.

Mike Rowe recently shared with me that his nieces and nephews belonging to this particular brother aren't that crazy about one of their siblings. So much so, they've tried to "vote him off" their family island! Poor little fella! Could you imagine being that kid? Ha! He probably doesn't even care! And he'll probably grow up to be someone famous in some strange way - not stalker like- and will turn to each of them and say "suck it"!!

Mike Rowe tells this story far better than I but it's been at the forefront of my thoughts lately.

Wouldn't it be great if your little piece of the world were an island of sorts and as people got on your nerves you'd just vote them off? Ban them? "Alas, be gone. I'm done with you." Oh, where would I START??? I'm so excited at the thought of it, I can't even think of who'd go first! Oh wait...I know! The entire congress! Yep, that's where'd I'd start...WITH MY GOVERNMENT!!

I can find a way to deal with and handle hurt and loss and even disappointment but frustration sends me to the edge. And we Americans are in a pile of it right now. And I don't know what the answer is. But I know working (if you're lucky enough to be employed) your ass off just to be able to BARELY keep your family afloat is not the American dream. And sorry, but I lay full blame on the government for running this country and its people into the ground.

Think of me what you will but this little blog is my forum, my island of sorts.

Ahh, I think I feel a little better now.

"Oh pool boy...there's sand on my towel."


Cathy said...

I won't vote you off...I will vote FOR YOU!!! I tell you what I am soooo sick of politics and the dirty little games they play just to keep in power. we need some fresh air in DC, not the same ol hot air. I am also tired of a complacient population that lets the press do their thinking! Some things are not arbitrary....gravity exsists....great post dear buddy

Ronalyn said...

Your island would be full of animals.....