Thursday, March 12, 2009

"We Had A Run In With The Law..."

"Call me when you can and I'll give you the details."

Believe me, that's not the voice mail message you want to hear on your telephone from your son or daughter. But that's exactly what I listened to on my cell phone after school Tuesday night.

I immediately returned Brandi's call only to get HER voice mail, on which I left a rather panicky message..."are bondsmen listed in the yellow pages? Call me back ASAP!"

It wasn't until yesterday morning that Bran and I connected and I got the full story. It seems that one of my "grand-cats" got a little out of control during her check-up and went Commando on Brandi's hand! (I should remind you that, fortunately, Bran works for a veterinarian and, up until Tuesday, had a great relationship with the doctor!). The bites were enough cause for concern that Dr. Jones sent Bran to have a Tetanus shot and, well, called the Animal Control office to "report the incident".

Later that same evening there was a knock at the door... and two "official-looking officers of animal law" stood ready to "take a report".

After documenting the "incident", the officials agreed that Free's sentence would be 10 days of house arrest (like she's a flight risk - pa-leeeze! Did they confiscate her passport, too?)...

I'm still wondering if the feds make an "ankle bracelet" small enough for a feline!

Can we say "jail bird"?

You're still Nan's fave, Free!!


Karen said...

If that's the worst you ever hear, you're doing great!!!

BTW, about my radio - I wasn't listening to the radio - I actually had my MP3 player on with all my favs....I don't even know what 98.1 is!!

When I first "met" you, I tried to tune in 103.1 and my radio doesn't pick it up. What's up with that?

Joyce Mineer said...

Amen to that Karen!

Those pesky MP3 players...they are the bane of "live radio's" existence! Ha!

Hmm...not sure why you can't pick us up around the house/Siler City/P'boro. We do get lost going down 15-501 right around Cole Park. And metal buildings are our friends either! BUT, we just started streaming on our website Monday! Yeah! Give that a try if the radio at home/office doesn't work - you can listen to us live.

Brandi said...

My little felon, LOL!!! :) As I write this, she's asleep on her back on the king size you think she's enjoying her "sentence" just a bit?