Friday, March 27, 2009

I Ate A Bean And I Liked It...

Deep fried string beans to be exact!

And of all places, my experience was in the cafeteria of the newly constructed Chatham County Hospital. No, I'm not in the hospital. I was there for a Business After Hours event held through our local chamber of commerce - the hospital was this months host.

Of course I was leery about eating "hospital food". I mean, we ALL know the reputation there. But then I remembered...wait, I live in the south! I think it'll be worth the risk!

And like Paula Deen says, "In the south, if we deep fry it and put butter on it, you can eat anything!"

Amen sista'! Amen!

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Karen said...

Hey Joyce! Nice to bump into you at the book sale! I ended up with several nice ones - including one from the "NC Authors" section - a Clyde Edgerton book (Killer Diller) that I hadn't read yet.

Oh- I've had those fried string-beans before - good, but certainly not a way you'd want to prepare such a healthy veggie very often!!

See ya - stay dry!! Karen