Friday, March 20, 2009

Central NC's Version of American Idol (?)

Do you think you can live somewhere and discover everything about your town, city, county, state? I'm telling you this for free, people, this place is like a treasure hunt!

Completely by accident I learned of the annual Fiddler's Convention that's held in North Moore County every year on the second Saturday in March. This year marked the 74th year for the competition. As luck would have it, my folks were in town that weekend and my dad is a HUGE bluegrass/country music fan. So, I made plans for us to cut our workday short last Saturday and head out to Robbins, NC to catch this "show". I always have a fear of the unkown, especially when I'm involving other people. This occassion was no different. During the drive to the North Moore High School where the event was to be held, I kept saying, "now, I've never been here before and I have no idea what to expect". "Don't worry about it - no problem" was their response. As we drove deeper into Chatham County and eventually through Lee County where the houses became further and further apart and we were miles from any intersection or place of business, my mom quietly asks from the back seat, "what do people DO out here?"

This is how they roll...

This little bitty is THREE YEARS OLD people! 3!

And see the little one there in the middle? Yep, mmm hmmm...she had her own back up band!

How brave is this child? Just her and her guitarist.

And this little girl? You're right, that's a "fiddle" under her arm. Not only did she sing but she "fiddled", too! About 6 years old...

Picture John & June Cash 50 years ago and you have this fine couple. They treated us to "I'm Goin' to Jackson"... where's the car? I'll go with you!

If I were as tech-savy as I think I am, I would have recorded these guys. The guy in the blue shirt did the best job on an Elvis song with the jirations of the legs and hips included!

And I'm guessing that a Fiddlers' Convention is not complete without cloggers.

"Nothing beats a trial but a failure." "You don't know unless you try." I'm not going to worry about venturing out here anymore. I have YET to be disappointed in anything I've tried or experienced in this place I call home.

My heart was warmed last Saturday night because it was reaffirmed to me that there's goodness and hope in this world. These musicians ranged in age from 3 years old to 92 years old, the majority of whom where high school and college age kids. God bless the parents and grandparents of these kids for instilling such good morals and values in their children. I heard "yes ma'am, thank you sir and I appreciate that" countless times. And I saw lots of hugging going on; hugging between the parents and the kids but, more importantly, the kids hugging each other.

Camo baseball caps and Skoal can rings in their back pockets...and the love of family, traditional bluegrass gospel music and God in their hearts.

Come visit me, won't you? My little corner of the world and I will show you an awfully good, clean time...

Have I told you lately, North Carolina, that I love you?


Karen said...

hi joyce, what a nice way to make us "natives" appreciate our surroundings! sometimes you are so immersed in day-to-day life, you forget to stop and look around. thanks! karen

Pearl said...

Hi Joyce... I really enjoyed learning about the Awesome Fiddler's Convention you attended... Don't you just love finding new surprises in life?! So glad you had a good time... I'm Lovin' the sweet lil yellow chick-a-biddie's on your blog... Hope your week is off to a great start... I owe you an email...