Saturday, February 2, 2008

Stampin' Up

What a great way to spend a Saturday morning...

I was up early this morning feeling a little better, both physically (my teeth - or where they were - seem to be getting better a little tiny bit each morning) and emotionally (about the job thing). But that's mainly because I had a mission today. I was headed to a Stampin' Up 1/2 off sale! I knew I wouldn't be able to purchase anything (the purse strings are pulled very tight now) but I knew there would be good snacky-snacks and great fellowship - BOTH of which I needed! I didn't know, however, that we would actually be stampin'! That was a great surprise.

Our first project was this awesome gift card holder! Check it out...

Obviously, the theme of this gift card holder is "Birthday" but of course you can make one for any occassion. It was really rather easy; just one longer sheet folded like an "M", sealed in the middle, a little creative punching to create the slot to hold the card and a little embellishing with the stamps and colored paper and tie ribbon.

Not a very good shot but you can sort of see inside here where you tuck your gift card. And there's two areas inside the card where you can either stamp a sentiment or you can hand write a note - or both! Get creative!
And while I'm ALWAYS inspired when I leave these parties, I never do anything once I get home! But, to my defense, it's mostly because I don't have the right tools! I've started a pretty nice collection of papers and stamps but I don't have enough punches or "word"
stamps. Maybe those will come later... you can invest a fortune in this stuff if you allowed yourself!

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