Friday, May 27, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow

When you're driving half-way across the country you'd be surprised at some of the conversations you can have.

As we drove through Knoxville, TN en route to OK, we passed the signs for and outskirts of The University of Tennessee. I mentioned to my husband how beautiful the structures and grounds were and asked if Knoxville was known for anything else important.

In my left ear I heard, "Yeah. They plant dead people there, water and fertilize the earth and come back a few years later to see what they've produced. Better known as The Body Farm."


So for the next hour or so we discussed the pros and cons of turning ones body over for the purpose of medical science.

We decided we wouldn't make good subjects. The students would only learn that I am indecisive, have a warped sense of humor and color the gray in my hair desperately and regularly.

And my husband...he said they'd have to shut the place down because they would've found perfection in him and there would be no reason for any further research.

Then we pulled to the shoulder of the road so I could vomit...(perfection? really? wretch, wretch...)

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Brandi said...

bahahahaha!! perfection, he's hilarious!!!