Monday, May 16, 2011

A Blank Space

I need to stay out of the cemetery.

My dog, who I am convinced sees dead people, and I took our daily evening stroll tonight and, like on many of our outings, we ended up in the memorial gardens.

On this trip, I noticed the larger tombstones, the "double bed" version if you will. These are the gravesites built for two, where you can lie eternally next to your spouse (or special someone). On a number of these, I noticed that only one of the two loved ones had died. The other was alive and kicking and their concrete pillow was just waiting for an expiration date to be inscribed.

I spent way too much time thinking about this and ultimately freaked myself out. I mean, it's a proactive action on the part of those left behind. But, friends, loved-ones... don't do me this favor.

I know me and I'd be periodically visiting my pending eternal bedroom just to check and see if I had been date-stamped expired yet.



Brandi said...

You are such a dork hahaha :)

Karen said...

a funny dork, though!! and a little weird, i might add for all that cemetery strolling!!!