Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'll Call It Karma

There have been times in my life where I am at a place or an event and something happens or someone says something that moves me to my core and I think, "this is exactly where I'm supposed to be" or "I was supposed to hear that, that's why I'm here today". You get the idea. Karma. Coincidence. Intervention of some kind.

The funeral, or as I prefer to refer to it, the celebration of life, was simply beautiful last Sunday. Of course, the brilliant Fall sunshine, my adjusted attitude, the company of my parents and daughter and friends may have had something to do with it and, if so, for that I am grateful. We celebrated our friend's life. The family reflected on her incredible sense of humor, her devout loyalty to Virginia Tech, her recent conversion to Coke from Pepsi and her undying love for animals. I wish the world could have known this amazing, whack-nut woman. It was a better place with her in it...

I ended up staying the night with my daughter and had the great pleasure of spending a few hours with her at the clinic (her place of employment) Monday morning before heading home...

If I had not altered my travel plans for last weekend and opted not to attend the funeral and not decided to stay with Bran overnight and not gone to work with her the next day, the change that is getting ready to happen in my life would/will not have taken place.

Every single thing for a reason. Coincidence. Karma. Maybe it was all just part of her plan. But I am certain I was where I was supposed to be when I was supposed to be there.

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