Sunday, June 27, 2010

Knock Knock

I am convinced that the older I get, the cooler I am becoming. And while the aging process really seems to bother most people, it doesn't seem to be affecting me. However, what does tick me off is that I'm learning so much and trying different things and stepping out of my comfort zone more easily and frequently but only recently! Why haven't I been doing these things all along? Why do we "grow wise". Why do we finally "get it" when it really doesn't matter any more?!

Because I'm acutely aware of this now, I'm making an all out effort to really pay attention to my surroundings. To really watch and listen to people. To really mean it when I say to someone I pass in the hall, "How are you doing today?" And to take the time to listen to their response, because I care.

I took up yoga about 2 months ago in an effort to kick start my new weight loss/body change program. I was expecting physical changes. I was not expecting changes in the way I think, the way I move, who/what I pay homage to, why I eat the food I eat, how much I enjoy something good (a latte, a homemade cupcake, a good night's sleep...) and good music.

This "practice" has opened me up to many new and wonderful things. I'm a little sad to be going through this experience alone but I'm getting sort of used to that now... During yesterday's class, while I should've had empty thoughts during savasana (deep relaxation), I instead was in awe of the music we were listening to. So much so that I cornered the instructor and asked who or what was in the CD player. She smiled and said, "oh, that's Bill Callahan. But you may know him from his band Smog.", I am not familiar with this Smog you speak of. Can I get him at Target?!

15 minutes later I find myself in what I would call a dank, non-air conditioned hole in the wall with a hookah bar on one side and waifs of incense coming from the "retailer" on the other side. I think I went underground, people...

And while I didn't find the CD that had that incredible song on it I relaxed to in class, I did come home with this little gem:

If there's some "alternative" music you're looking for or coffeehouse-type melodies, might I suggest CD Alley on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill? Oh, and you'd feel most comfortable there after having not shaved your underarms or legs for weeks and a bra is not required either.

Yep, I'm officially cool.


Brandi said...

I love it! :) Can't wait to hear the cd!!!

Karen said...

yes, you are definitely cool, lady!! see you tomorrow.

Marianne said...

oh you crack me up, Joyce!

Brandi said...

You've always been cool to me. :) <3