Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Pre-Memorial Day

I had to work yesterday and I have to work tomorrow which meant today was my Memorial Day. And this is how I spent it...

Victoria Bowden at Carrboro Yoga Company hosted a fabulous Flow Yoga class here in the Paper Lantern Room this morning. If you click on her link, you can actually witness me in action (that's me in the blue). She just happened to have a fellow student videoing the class in order to offer a snippet of how she works on her page of MYCYCOs website! Who knew I'd be just a little famous!

The Paper Lantern Room courtesy Carrboro Yoga Company

Next, I headed here. To The American Tobacco Trail. I love running along this tree lined trail.
It's soft, packed sand and is so peaceful. And the sounds just as beautiful as it looks. I especially like to run here when I have a "long" run to do. I can lose myself in my surroundings and pass the miles easier.

The American Tobacco Trail

The start of the trail is just off of the parking area. There's a pretty good hill leading down to mile marker 1.

Beginning of the trail

Of course, before starting out you'll want to make a pit stop. Being eco-friendly, think of these bathrooms as permanent porta-johns. Yep, no flushing and no running water to wash your hands. They want to conserve the environment. And, well, yes...those are "smoke" stacks, where the odors are supposed to escape. Overall, the concept works very well.
Environmentally friendly bathrooms
Inside the bathrooms are information sheets, explaining the benefit of waterless restroom facilities. I especially like the bullet informing us about the "sweet smelling toilets". Um, sorry but there is NO SUCH THING!!

Explanation of benefits

As I take off, this is my view as long as I looked up. My favorite thing about living in NC? The sky...the Carolina blue sky. It really does exist, people. And it's breathtaking, no matter how many times you see it.

The beauty along the trail

And this is what I see for miles and miles. I only wish I could embed the sounds along this breathtaking pathway. The birds and the frogs and the crickets and the kids and the bike tires along the sand and the other runners. All of this was here today although it doesn't look like it below. There were many periods of complete solitude along my way.

My view at mile marker 1

All good things must come to an end. And this is the end of my run. Back up the hill to where I started from.
A great hill to sprint if you've got anything left
Sometimes I even take time to smell the flowers...

I had a good day. I hope you did, too.
Happy Memorial Day blog buddies...Happy Memorial Day


Brandi said...

One day I WILL run this with you! It looks so pretty!!!

Marianne said...

Lovely pictures! Thanks for letting me run along with you, but I didn't feel the burn! I must run the Tobacco Trail!
Great to see you the other night; we need to do dinner again soon.