Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mission Accomplished

You remember the "before" shot, right? Why there was a portal window in a century-old farmhouse is the million dollar question. This eyesore couldn't be removed fast enough for me.

So after a prayer or two to the rain gods, Contractor Dad got to work. I was at work that particular day so I missed all of the grunt work and real mess. But I did make it home in time to find the new little window in and CD painstakingly replacing siding and tacking up trim.

His attention to detail is remarkable...and frustrating at times. Like when I want the project to be over!

But it all pays off and is more than worth it. Look how pretty! He even made a deep window sill so I have a place to sit something pretty (like a cat...who won't keep her face out of the window screen).
And after a few coats of bright white paint...VOILA! A much more time-suited, attractive window! I love it!

Now, to dress it or not? It's high enough off the ground that you can't see in from the outside so curtains/sheers/mini blinds aren't really necessary. But I think it needs a little something, huh?
I'm open to suggestions blog buddies.


Karen said...

hey joyce!! you are so lucky to have your "contractor family" in town!! it really does look great!!

i think plain would be fine - especially since it's high enough to preclude "peeping"! lot's of light in the bath seems so cheerful and "clean", so i wouldn't do much to block it.

take care! k

Brandi said...

he's just so wonderful. :) <3
p.s. I would leave it plain. :)