Sunday, March 7, 2010

I Had No Idea!

A few months ago (January, I think), Mom, Brandi and I went to see "Lovely Bones". 

How did I miss it???  I am a HUGE fan of his after witnessing his performance in "Julie & Julia".

I can't remember if I heard on the radio, read it on the Internet or saw it on Good Morning America but early last week I learned the weird neighbor and murderer in "Lovely Bones" was, in fact, played by Stanley Tucci!

I must pay closer attention.

Back to the Oscars! 


Marianne said...

I have heard conflicting opinions about this movie! Did you like it? Did you read the book?
Hope you enjoyed the spring-like weekend! We will miss you tomorrow night :-(

Brandi said...

That really was a good movie. :)