Monday, November 2, 2009

The Cat's Meow

Saturday was the big day -

I've run in a fair share of little races, both locally and out-of-state.  But this one will be fondly stored in my long term memory as one of the best.  Not only did I have the company of these little bitties...

...but the majority of the 5,000 runners were in costume.  We saw everything from Dorothy and her entourage to a pair of pink dice (attached just like you'd find to toss over your rear view mirror back in the day) to pirates, Richard Simmons and two girls dressed as pigs - one was H1 and the other, you guessed it, N1.  I don't care what you say, that was freakin' funny!!  Because all of us ran the race and we didn't have any family there as cheerleaders and bag holders, we weren't able to get any "during race" photogs!  You'll simply have to trust me when I tell you it was an adventure.  And you'll have to settle for our own little montage of we go!

Two little kitties ready to roll!

JC giving his finisher's medal a little smoochy!

Little Bran proudly sporting her finisher's medal!

And I'm pretty happy with mine, too!

...I think I'll call her "Princess"...

What a wonderful weekend for this "Mom Cat"!!!


Brandi said...

Great pics, love them all! :) We had a really great weekend, so glad you were here with us. <3 Thanks for everything!!! We love you!!

Marianne said...

Y'all look awesome! way to go Runner Girls!

Karen said...

you guys are too cute! love those smiles!

Marianne said...

By the way, your smiles are gorgeous and you and your daughter look like sistahs!