Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Still A Business

So, I made a late-day sales call yesterday. To Griffin Funeral Service in Pittsboro. I've been watching this facility construct a new building (the rendering is above) over the last few months and thought they have reached a point where some advertising of a grand opening would be of benefit. I mean, after all, funerals ARE a business - funeral homes DO make money.

The director was kind enough to agree to see me and off I went. THREE HOURS later, I made my way home.

I am now a wealth of information on, well, death and what happens once your body arrives at a funeral home. I mean, I have to learn about the biz in order to be able to adequately advertise for it, right?

Honestly, I found the entire conversation mesmerizing! And laugh - yep, we laughed a lot throughout the meeting. I guess you have to have some sense of humor in order to deal with this job.

I finally got up the nerve to ask Mr. Sellers why/how he got into this business. Parts of his answer were "rebelling against what my father wanted me to do with my life", "like most people, I was curious about death but, unlike most people, I acted on it and became a funeral director" and "I clearly remember at the age of 5 seeing my dead great grandmother laying in her casket in the front parlor of the house. I pulled a chair up to her, stood on it and took the closest look I could at her before my father noticed and pulled me away. It had a lasting affect".

He also told me there are ghosts at Griffin - personal experience. He saved that story for last. And when he told me I had been sitting in "Mr. Jessie's" chair, I stood, shook his hand, thanked him and made a quick exit...

The least he can do is buy some radio advertising from me after a day in his world - earthly or otherwise!

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