Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's What I Get

To my 7 loyal followers...  Are you there?  I love you.

This is really just a test post.  A post to see if I still know how to operate this thing!  I'm not convinced that I do.  Blogger has obviously been busy while I've been experience life as I don't even recognize my own online diary!  Now is not the time for me to be poking around here; there's work to be done.  But now that I know I can still access my private little book, I'll be back!  I'll be back with bells on.  With stories that will make you laugh and cry and take pity upon me!  No, really!

So, stay tuned followers.  I have a big weekend planned!  There will be pictures.

Oh, and just a little reminder.  A week from tomorrow, November 2, is my birthday.  I like everything!

Hang in there with me, okay?  I will not disappoint!

Love, hugs, Namaste -