Saturday, February 20, 2010

Part Deux Of My V-day Weekend

I don't know that I've ever shared with you, Internet, that my son-in-law is a vegan and my daughter is a vegetarian. And while it's extremely difficult for me to cook for these two, I respect the way they've chosen to live their dietary lives. It's also a challenge when I visit them because, well, let's be honest...I'm not a fan of Tofu and bean sprouts! However, after seeing myself in those running tights in the photogs on the last post, I may want to rethink that relationship!

After a strenuous day last Saturday morning, Brandi and I headed out on a mission to find that wonderful Lavender spray that our hot yoga instructor used after our class Friday night. We thought it would soothe our souls and make her house smell good! The most obvious place to look was The Heritage. The Heritage is located near the oceanfront and offers everything you need to be naturally healthy. This is JC's favorite place to shop. Think "Chatham Market Place" and you'll have a good idea - only on a much grander scale.

It did not disappoint. Brandi hit pay dirt with the Lavender spray and I came home with some intoxicating-smelling "display only" bath soaps and a Burt's Bees lip stain that I've been trying to replace for months! And while browsing each and every aisle, we came upon this display...

"Zum Mist" and "Yum Mist". The Yum Mist is doggie spritzer...

...which will "kung fu the pew"! Bran and I were hysterical. On the floor laughing. I don't know what kept the staff from asking us to leave other than the fact that our reaction was typical to this display!

We also stumbled upon candles. I thought, oh, look at those pretty candles. They'd be nice as part of a pretty table setting. And then I heard Brandi say, "oh Mama...these are great! JC and I have used these before. They're for cleaning the wax out of your ears." Huh? What? Wouldn't pouring hot wax down you ear defeat the purpose AND hurt a little - I thought... About that time, a 50+ year old, average, "normal" looking (you know, not vegan and someone who shaves under their arms) woman opened the jar of candles and took out at least 6! She assured me that the candles worked, she used them frequently and I should give them a try. I smiled nicely, said thank you and whispered under my breath, "wow, I never would've suspected you were one of them".

Needless to say, I was talked into it and we went home with a pair of candles for each of us. Picture this...

Yes, that's my daughter with a taper in her ear. It was here that I had a flash back...I was pretty sure I remembered telling her "never stick anything in your ears or up your nose".

And if that weren't enough...

I stood by and watched and allowed her husband to light the thing! What kind of mother am I???

Then I took a turn!

This holistic stuff's kinda' cool! Hey, if you don't want to beat them and you're not really interested in joining them, just hang out with them once in awhile - you'll do things, smell stuff and taste oddities you'd NEVER thought you would!

Those crazy kids...oh how I adore them!

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Brandi said...

hahahaha!!!! LOVE IT!!!! :) I started laughing hysterically the moment I saw "The Heritage." LOL :) Love you oodles!!! P.S.. Danielle may be visiting your blog, I gave her the address :) <3