Monday, September 7, 2009

Fins To The Left, Fins To The Right

It's been awhile, huh Internet? To say that I've been overwhelmed these last few weeks would be quite the understatement. The new "career" at the hospital is moving along nicely. I've never worked these sort of hours before (work a few days, have a few days off... work 12 hour shifts, which really mean 13... work until 11:30 at night and get in bed around 1:30 AM...). Thankfully, I've wrapped up the classroom work at the hospital and just am continuing my orientation on the different floors. This has been, and will continue to be, an eye-opening experience.

At the same time, I'm enrolled in two online college courses; Computer Literacy and Psychology. I am struggling! I am not the virtual student type! Nope, I need a classroom to go to, an instructor to listen to, classmates to interact with, a whiteboard to take notes from and a STRICT schedule to follow!!! I will do my best to see through these two classes but after that, I'm fairly certain I'll be heading back to the campus next semester. Sorry Internet, but as much as I love you and the ease with which you bring me information, I can't trust myself to continue my education through you.

Of course, my little book club is chugging right along but I'm afraid I've made that the caboose on my little train of priorities. Between working these nutty hours that I'm not used to, stumbling through those classes on the computer and trying to maintain some sort of normalcy in the upkeep of my house and marriage, I'm lucky to read a few paragraphs of our monthly book (and, quite honestly, that happens when I'm in the bathroom!!!) every few days! I used to read faithfully everyday during my lunch break in the past but these days during lunch, I simply want to enjoy my meal and look out a window and watch the healthy people go by! I'll fumble along, however, and do my best to read as much as I can. And regardless if I finish the book or not, I will NOT miss the meeting because that would mean missing out on the fun and fellowship with my gal pals and, well, the wine! Oh the wine!!

I took a reprieve from this mess I call life this weekend. I went home to visit my family. I needed it. I also spent some time with Jess, although not enough, and tried to take in some deep breaths so as to remember his "horsey smell" that fills my heart with true contentment. It was an exceptionally good weekend because we didn't really have anywhere we had to be (except Saturday night) so we simply "hung out" with one another. Friday night was dinner out, Saturday morning was leisurely coffee and a little shopping and Sunday Brandi and I got in a 5 mile run with the traditional bacon and eggs breakfast my dad is so famous for making waiting for us when we were done!

The only place we had to be this weekend was at Nissan Pavilion - for Jimmy Buffet! Because JC (my son-in-law) couldn't make it, I got to be Bran's date! This was an experience. If it's a long time before I see a grown man with a beer gut wearing a grass skirt and coconut bra, I'll be okay with that. Really, I love my husband enough to tell him, "honey, that's just not a good look for you".

Here are a few shots of our evening - enjoy! We did!

Jimmy on the jumbo-tron

Bran and Me ♥

A better, close up of Jimmy on the jumbo-tron

The band on the tropical stage

More Jimmy (he really was very good)


Karen said...

hey Joyce!!! no worries (as jimmy would say, i'm sure) i'm glad you got to un-wind, sounds like a wonderful time!!

take care of yourself and don't get spread so thin you stop enjoying it all!


Brandi said...

he really was great, huh? :) I'll post those pics this weekend, I promise!! :) Love you!